I'm always working on some projects. The world of developing software has evolved very fast over the last years. Open source and open minded software has become very popular. Especially with tools like Composer and GitHub it's very easy to share your software. So I also want to provide some tools, modules, extensions, and so on with you and of course I encourage you to not only use them, but also be a part of the development. You will find most of my projects on GitHub:


This little Zend Framework 2-Module utilizes a PHP-Service to use Google's Geocoding API. It allows you to geocode given addresses. A use case could be the development of an real-estate website, where you want to geocode the addresse of the objects to show them on a map (the Google Maps API only uses Geocoordinates for placing markers).

Instructions and furhter information can be found at GitHub.

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This is a very simple Zend Framework 2-Module which wraps J7mbo's PHP Twitter API. The necessary Auth-settings for using the API can be provided in an autoloaded config file. The API-Object itself can be retrieved from the ServiceManager.

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AlsaZfContent is a very simple content module for your Zend-Framework >= 2 application.

It ships with a backend for creating, editing and deleting content-items (requires ZfcAdmin for the backend-routes). A content-item is a very simple entity, consisting only of a name, a text-body and a publishing-status. The only task of the frontend is to display a content-item on a single-page, with it's name and text-body.

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Node is a module, which has grown by the time to support more features than initially planned. It brings a layer into your Zend-Framework application to create url-rewrites (routes) for each of your contents.

The module ships with 3 types of nodes: MVC-Nodes, Content-Nodes and Redirect-Nodes. Check out the readme at GitHub for a complete explanation!

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