Hey I'm Alex - a 30 years old - developer from Germany. For the past 10 years I've been working in a small Full-Service-Agency in Witten, about 30km from home.

Besides programming being my passion, so is gaming. And by gaming I surely don't mean those kids nowadays who play games on their smartphones. No, I mean the good old eSports - which after so many years finally gets a bit more common to a wider audience. To be specific: Even though I do have some consoles, I play on my PC most of the time. The game-series that always acompanied myself is Counter-Strike. Even though I love to play a good singleplayer game from time to time, I always return to Counter-Strike.

Okay you could say I'm a geek, a nerd, whatever.... But wait! There's more: I'm a sportsman. Yepp, you read that right. I do sports. 5 days a week: Jiu-Jitsu - a japanese self-defense, and general fitness stuff at the gym.

I'm a bad writer though, and don't know anything else I can write about myself. So if you wanna know more, just contact me :)

Some other facts

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